Chain of Custody

The MSC sets a standard for:

  • Sustainable fishing; and
  • Chain of Custody (traceability).

The MSC Standard for seafood traceability ensures that the MSC ecolabel is only displayed on seafood from an MSC certified sustainable fishery.

Traceability is a hot topic in the seafood industry.

Mislabelling is a recognised problem and the complex international supply chain for most seafood products makes it difficult to find high quality information about the fish source. Ideally, labels on seafood product should provide verifiable information about the species, the source fishery, including the country of origin, and sustainability information. 

Once a fishery has been certified, all companies in the supply chian that wish to handle or sell an MSC certified product not in consumer-ready packaging, must have MSC Chain of Custody.

This way every link is checked to make sure the MSC label is only displayed on seafood from a MSC certified sustainable fishery.

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