North Region

Pilbara Line-caught: Goldband snapper, Ruby snapper, Crimson snapper, Red emperor, Rankin cod and Saddletail snapper

Pilbara Trap: Goldband snapper, Red emperor, Rosy threadfin bream, Rankin cod,Bluespot emperor, Crimson snapper, Brownstripe emperor, and Saddletail snapper

Kimberley Trap: Saddletail snapper, Goldband snapper, Red emperor, Rankin cod 

Pilbara Trawl: Saddletail snapper, Goldband snapper, Red emperor, Rankin cod, Saddletail snapper, Goldband snapper, Red emperor and Rankin cod

Pre-assessment complete

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Blue swimmer crab and Mud crab

Pre-assessment in progress

 Download status_reports_of_the_fisheries_2012-13_north_coast_bioregion (3.3Mb)

The MSC standard is for wild-capture fisheries.

Marine Produce Australia’s Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi, WA’s largest finfish aquaculture enterprise, will have the opportunity to gain independent third party certification in due course. As yet no decision has been made on the certification body, however one of the organisations that will be considered is the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, which is currently developing a standard for Barramundi.

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